Working late?

If you're not, you're the ONLY Geek in the world who isn't!.

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Ready For Your Next Meeting?

Geeks HATE meetings whose sole purpose is to talk about the last meeting...or plan the date for the next one!

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Worked through the night till dawn on the 'Big Project'?

Better put your credits in the CODE...because you know the sales guys are gonna take credit for it!

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How can Twitter benefit a trade publication?

Randy H asked:

I work for a trade basé on Chicago magazine which s& #39; addresses to the détaillants d& #39; food and of drinks. Our company seeks à to set up l& #39; together of its publications with several the réseaux sites social ones. L& #39; a d& #39; they is Twitter. Although I include/understand how function Twitter, I n& #39; did not see a d&amp good example yet; #39; a publication which benefits from it. Quelqu& #39; one could it explain the Twitter advantages would allow à a magazine?

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